In 2005, a number of diverse community groups formed a Community Coalition with a common goal of ‘actively lobbying for completion of the missing links in the Darebin – Yarra trail’. The founding Community Coalition members - Friends of Darebin Creek (FODC), Darebin Parklands Association (DPA), South Alphington & Fairfield Civic Association (SAFCA), Darebin Bicycle User Group (DBUG) and Alphington Primary Safe Route Committee (APSRC) - met with the then Minister for Environment at the City of Darebin in a Community Cabinet on October 10, 2005.


The Coalition’s membership has since expanded to ten and it now represents a range of interests in the shared trail, including local bushwalkers, environmental groups, recreational and commuter cyclists, and schools. Newer member of the Coalition include the Yarra Bicycle Users Group (Yarra BUG) and, on the south side of the Yarra, the Boroondara Bicycle Users Group (Boroondara BUG), the Boroondara Bushwalkers Incorporated (BBI) and Kew High School (KHS).


The Community Coalition represents a microcosm of the broad appeal for the shared trail and the significant number of people keenly waiting for its completion. Apart from the members of the Community Coalition the link has strong support from Bicycle Victoria, other local Bicycle User Groups and cycling clubs.


Community Coalition Supporting the Darebin Yarra link